These are my words to/for a man who did so much to so many and a man whom I got to know a lot of lately during the last years of his great life on earth. As I watched the England vs South African series, I could only imagine the millions across the world who were following the match on Cricinfo.

I for one could not resist following the match online during the Test Series when I could not sit in front of the telly and watch. However I remember when Themba Bavuma made that glorious 100 in Cape Town, I knew the pages in Cricinfo were devoid of something more.

Oh how I tried to imagine the caption for Peter's article narrating the role of transformation in Cricket South Africa and the undeniability of Themba’s talent and case as a test cricketer which had been questioned the previous match. Peter was always unique in his articles, often mixing up social advocacy, politics and sport in a manner I found both intriguing and somewhat captivating.

I first met Peter the cricket coach, whilst I was a cricket player some sixteen years ago. Already a well established journalist, I first met him in his coaching capacity. I found his life centered approach to cricket somewhat rather different.

A pragmatic, simple yet complicated way, Peter lived his words and when our paths crossed further in my life again. I realised not only did he make it his life's mission to live his beliefs and assist the less fortunate, he also lived it.

I remember chats at his beloved Straw hat about sport and its role in the world, how through hard work, determination and toil was used by the great West Indies sides of yesteryear to forge an identity and how our generation needed a renaissance akin to that. I can only imagine what he would pen now for the Bavumas and Rabadas of this world. Men who justified his position on sport and in life.

I guess we will never know, but I take heart in knowing that the cricketing and many a person have been left better by his involvement in their lives. I know for one I have been.

In parting, I will always remember the words Peter always used to say when our discussion turned to life's more pressing matters, one should not be too quick to get off the train, because only those who endure the ride, make it all the way to their destination.

I can only wonder what articles we would have seen if he was still around. A great man who lived his passion, may his soul rest in peace.