I was Treasurer of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board during the early 90's. I was fortunate to meet Peter during this time when he visited Sri Lanka to cover cricket. Peter had an innovative mind and a unique grasp of the ever evolving nuances of modern day cricket. Even though he finished his active cricket before big money came into the game, Peter understood the changes that took place and how it affected the players and the game. 

I contacted Peter once I started my newspaper, “The Sunday Leader” to write a regular column, to which he readily agreed. Peter was not looking for payment but wished only an airline ticket to Sri Lanka whenever there was cricket here. It was a deal that was heavily weighted in my favour. His column eventually became extremely popular and there were many readers who subscribed purely to read the Peter Roebuck column. 

The newspaper, my late brother Lasantha and I started, came under attack and Peter would regularly call me to inquire how we were doing from wherever in the world he was at the time. It does seem totally out of character to hear the alleged circumstances of his death. Even though he is gone, Peter's style of writing has inspired many a journalist around the globe. In that sense, his legacy remains and he lives on.”