Peter Roebuck's communication skills on cricket were outstandingly unique and carved a niche of his own which I personally admired for quite a long time. 

More importantly since meeting him, our topic of discussion shifted significantly towards the humanitarian work we had undertaken via the Foundation of Goodness. 

He was someone who was very keen to elevate the standards of disadvantaged rural communities and we shared a common interest and a heartfelt attitude towards humane deeds that we wanted to address which I'm anyway very passionate about.

I used to meet him whenever he visited Sri Lanka and I recall our interaction to be hugely fruitful covering both areas of cricket and humanity close to our hearts and minds.

It was so sad to hear of his untimely demise and may the memories I shared with him stay with me as long as I live. 

His cricket and the ability to write on the game he cherished the most was unforgettable.

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