My name is Immigration. I was born in Zimbabwe on 28 February 1985. From the time I was born until the passing of my mother and father in 1995 and 2002 respectively, my life was unstable in every way.
I remember walking several kilometres at odd hours to school without a meal. I would walk across thorny bushes bare footed. I vividly remember my biological family laughing after I said that one day I would study at university. Perhaps they laughed because I wasn't a natural student.

After the passing of my parents I went to live at an orphanage home as did my two brothers (one older, one younger) and my 11 year old sister. 

In 2000 we met Mr Peter Roebuck who has been a miracle in my life. Inadequacy or unavailability of food, shelter and education was history from then on.

My dream came true. I started studying at university when we moved to South Africa due to political instability in Zimbabwe at the time. I completed my degree in 2007 and graduated Bachelor of Business Administration. 
Since then I have been trying to establish my place in the world. I have commenced a small business venture in Pietermaritzburg which at the time of writing is still in its early stages.