Pride's Memory

I met Peter in 2002 at the home I was staying as a boy I met him through a friend he was helping. He took me in to join his family at that time there was just about 5 of us. He helped us at the home but it was not that much coz we didn’t need much at that time and the home was looking after us. But to have someone like him in my life was just a blessing from God coz he could call here and there just to talk to me want to know how I was doing. Which was a good thing for me coz I didn’t have anyone to call me so I was happy to have him.

When I was done with school that’s when I had a big problem coz I didn’t have anyway to go and I had to move out of the home. So Peter took me in and I went to stay in South Africa at his house. My life change from bad to good coz Peter was like a father to me and he helped me a lot. I went to college were I did my Electrical Engineering Studies. Peter paid for my fees and everything I needed when I was going to college he did everything a father has to do to help his son do well in life. He always told me to be a lion in life and to look at what I can do for my country not look at what my country can do for me and he believed in me a lot. As a father he was with me at my soccer games when he can he wanted me to do well in soccer too but it didn’t go God’s way but it was just good playing the game I loved.

Peter help a lot of boys and girls out there he changed a lot in they are life and me. Peter was a man who was not good at turning away people at his house you were always welcome to stay and it was always a full house. He helped me so that I could help my sisters n my sisters did well they are now out there working if it wasn’t coz of him I don’t know what they would be doing now. He helped some of my friends too and they are doing well. He was a man who wanted people to have a good life if you can’t have a good life he would want you to have a better life than the one you had. He wanted us to do well in life so that we can help others out there coz there is always someone in need of help out there. 

Coz of Peter my life changed a lot and I wouldn’t be were I am if it was not because of him and God. I have a small electrical company which is still growing and I hope it will grow so that I can also help others out there with jobs. So that the man who helped me will be proud of me. Coz that was his wish for me to do well in life. Things are not so well now but I will do my best to make it coz I am a lion. To me Peter was a father I didn’t have and I thank God for having someone like him in my life. I miss him and I hope his fine were ever he is.


Pride in a bar 2010